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Augmented Reality 4D app - Edutainment via Arts Kindred Magic app


connecting the traditional reading with the new, digital era experience

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The SEASONAL BOOKS from A Day In The Life Of A Kid series, are enhanced with the FREE Arts Kindred Magic app. 


What does it do?

Just think of the traditional pop-up books and add an extra pinch of imagination! Our virtual pop-up books add music, songs, and make the animated characters come to life right on the book's pages. Voice narration provides additional guidance, telling you how to interact with the text, and music (recognizing and using sounds of real percussion instruments used in Orff Schulwerk music and movement education resources.

For younger children, we recommend subscribing to our Arts Kindred Magic YouTube channel to sing and enjoy the songs in the video format.

Arts Kindred Magic app - How To:
1. Find and download the Arts Kindred Magic app from the Google Play or Apple store onto your device. Please note: not all of the devices may be fully or partially compatible;
2. Start the app, permit to use you a camera;
3. Select the book on the screen; you should be able to see various instruments and when touching them, to hear the melodic and rhythmic patterns;
4. You're all set. Start reading the book;
5. When you flip the book to the page with Magic Symbol                    (check the corners), point your device on that page and hold it steady. You must keep a little distance from the book, to see the entire spread opening on your device's screen. Please also make sure you have good lighting conditions. Soon, you'll hear the text turn into music, and magic will happen! 

Will Billy the Bear walk across your book? Will autumn leaves glide in the air? Will is rain on top of your paper-printed book? Don't worry, that's a magical rain! Or maybe the octopus gives you a wink? Try and see!


We know that devices are really exciting but don't forget to go and explore the outdoors, just like the characters from our books.

Simply "Look and Listen".

See Arts Kindred Magic app in action in this video

Did you find some of nature's treasures? Did you make some crafts from our books? Maybe you had fun singing our songs and drawing a picture while listening to them? We would love to see it - share #ArtsKindred and tag @ArtsKindred in your post!

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