Interdisciplinary edu-tainment
Engaging into real-world observation, hands-on experience, connections between music-dance-art-literature, and promoting meaningful screen time...

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                                                    Anetta Kotowicz is a founder and artistic director of ArtsKindred publishing.

                                                            Living and teaching in a few different countries, learning new languages and cultures, Anetta is a pianist, composer and                                                                  international specialist in Dalcroze's Eurhythmics and Orff Schulwerk Music and Dance Pedagogy. Since 2000, teaching                                                                    children in preschools, elementary and college  levels in Brooklyn and NYC, Anetta devoted the main part of her work                                                                      towards younger children and their multi directional and cross-cultural world perception. Anetta connects the basic                                                                          traditions of music and movement, composition and improvisation with different mediums of art and science. Starting with                                                              a simple observation, just as a child would, Anetta engages students in a multi-sensory exploration. 



ArtsKindred contributing artists:



Ukrainian artist Nina Ezhik (Ezhik means "hedgehog") chose her nickname to remind us about childhood and help her create magical worlds for children as well as adults. Nina believes that the world is a huge book with pictures, which can and should be filled with new illustrations.

Her work has been published in some of the most

prestigious music and early childhood education

magazines and journals.

Anetta is very thankful to all her friends from all around

the world for the challenging conversations

and collaborations that make the art of teaching evolve.

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Venatus Creations, founded by Firoz Khira and co-founded by Mohib Theba.

Specializes in 2D, 3D, 4D, AR and VR game development. For over six years, they collaborate with clients all around the world, sharing their talents in digital artistry and knowledge when building websites, creating logos and mobiles games, implementing the latest technology and using all the modules of unity, unity 3D, maya, 3Ds max, photoshop and other pro softwares.

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