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The WOOSH - rainstick STEM and music project (building easy instruments with kids)

Engaging young children into process of music and movement creation, does not have to limited to a dance party or musical performance. Distinguishing the process of creation and formation of sounds, kids develop deeper thinking by linking their sensory experience with engineering and while building the instruments, they develop vocabulary and fine motor skills. If you think that's too early for them, let's rethink it....

Isn't this actually the reverse process to what the very young children discovered on their own, totally organically, when dismounting toys or taking apart something that apparently never should go apart? Let's teach them to creating sensory toys, or rather to engineer the instruments, with a few very easily accessible materials.

I know what you asking: A sock? Yes, don't we all have these "lonely socks" at home?

My secret - it works fantastic as an extra "safety blanket" for my rain stick. You'll see it all on the video below.

While my kid used sticks on that video, you may use the aluminum foil only, rolling it loosely and placing it in the paper towel tube (or a toilet paper tube). Try using different materials in different sizes too. Try to make your instrument while your child makes it's own. You'll be able to compare it later, finding similarities and differences.

And once you did it, please share the picture or a video with us on IG #ArtsKindred

I would love to see and hear it!

The WOOSH-sounds comes in handy many times when singing songs from #ADayInTheLifeOfAKid picture book series. You hear the Spring Song soundtrack on that video, but there's more!

Starting the school year, you'll like to make your rainsticks (or container shakers) and introduce your kids to the Autumn Song picture book and it's sounds. Make the #Backtoschool super fun! Your dancing leaves and autumn's breezes will flourish with this new auditory stimulation element.

To see more natural elements in music education videos click here and don't forget to subscribe to the ArtsKindred YouTube channel - we're adding more to our playlists, because @ArtsKindred we love hands on music, movement, literature, and arts activities.

See you soon,




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