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Science Craft for Kids - gymnast on the trapeze - swinging motion

Create your own trapeze gymnast based on the Circus Is Fun For Everyone picture book!

1. Watch the ArtsKindred YouTube video:

2. Print out the .pdf file attached below, and let's create it together step by step!

3. Color and customize the outfit, hair, and any details you'd like for your circus party gymnast.

4. Cut him/her out, and glue his/her hands around the stick, attach longer strings on each side of the stick. Your trapeze is ready!

(Variation: In our video, we used a bamboo kebab stick and fitted it inside of straw with strings attached on both sides. We wanted him to spin faster... but it turned out, that step was not necessary!)

5. Attach some weights to the bask side of the legs, ex: dimes, flat stones. Make sure that the scotch tape will hold them securely fastened to the paper.

6. Now it's time to make him/her come to life!

Can you use the swinging motion of your arms to make your gymnast swing, or even make a loop-ty-loop? Walking? Jumping? Spinning without a stop on the bar? Practice your movements to put your party gymnast into a smooth motion! You can do it!

7. Use your voice and make sounds to illustrate your gymnast's motion. It sounds really funny when we sing the "swinging trapeze" sounds!

8. Have fun! We would love to see your gymnast or his/her movements - please share your experience online tagging #ArtsKindred - we can't wait!

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