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Free Song + Recycled Egg Carton and Natural Materials Crafts for Kids - Palm Tree

This egg carton palm trees project, is a part of architecture in the Summer Island imaginary play center. It's inspired and linked to the Summer Island song and the illustration in the Summer Song picture book. (click on the title to find it on Amazon and ArtsKindred website)

Back-to-school will be supper fun, when you start it by triggering summer memories. Isn't it a great way to learn about your students too?

IMAGINARY LANDS, set in open-ended play centers, encourage vocabulary development and storytelling.

Once connected cohesively with crafts which children made themselves, and auditory stimulation via music and developmentally appropriate children's song, they become early collaboration centers that may transform into provocation for the whole class, leading to weeks long classroom explorations.

Our Island song single is available in the Music For Children tab. Did I mentioned that this .mp3 is FREE to download today? Just click on the picture above, grab and enjoy it with your kids - please share your activities or dance party photos #ArtsKindred

To start building our trees, I cut out round parts of recycled paper egg carton box and older kids trimmed the edges using scissors to shape the elements for the trunks of palm trees, while younger once trimmed the ripped parts just a bit.

Later they went on a nature walk in our garden, looking for largest leaves with longest stems, while I made the holes in each of the "cups" (kids will need your help, because this part is tricky for their little hands).

Kids came back with hosta plant's leaves that were just perfect for this project, but any leafy twigs would work great too.

Check the video below for details on weaving the cups on the stems, and separating the tops into a palm-tree-like look. This was quite a workout for their fingers and perfect concentration practice! Please don't forget to subscribe to ArtsKindred channel and like us :-)

Let's stay in touch - @ArtsKindred and if our craft inspired you to create something similar or your own, please share it #ArtsKindred - I can't wait to be inspired by you too!

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