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Fostering children's imagination in the world filled with perfect pictures and toys

Fostering children's imagination in the world filled with instant, perfect, pictures and toys is essential. When they imagine, they explore, create, solve problems and re-imagine to create something better, something unique, and feel connected to their creation.

Spending time with kids in nature is always fun. But when you collect natural materials and transform them into a craft and art project, or even better: a sound-maker?

That's so exciting!⁣

This minimalistic and nature oriented idea of instrument making, inspired fun play on the beach (see the video below), and an easy project that we continued at home.


Opportunities are open! 🎶 Use it during:

- sensory games,

- listening/auditory exercises,

- rhythm practice,

- musical story-telling,

- and even during your dance parties 😀⁣ Sticks, and objects with holes in them.

Since this rattle will accompany the reading of the Summer Song picture book, we looked for not-so-perfect shells, with holes in them. ⁣Securing two separate sticks together, we used wool to wrap sound the handle. A rubber band, attaching the rattling elements, and ...⁣ ⁣VOILÀ - your rattle or a shaker is ready!⁣ Now it's time play, with your best friend - imagination!⁣

While at the beach, we were lucky to find the Y-shaped driftwood, and make rattles super quick and easy! I think, we may even keep them for various purposes ;-)


Summer Song picture book is available free on Kindle Unlimited and links to songs for kids and more open-ended inspirations. Let us see your easy crafts for kids, and music related DIY projects, posting pictures to Instagram #ArtsKindred

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