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Autumn Song A Day In The LIfe Of A Kid.j
Winter Song A Day In The LIfe Of A Kid.j
Spring Song A Day In The Life Of A Kid.j
Summer Song A Day In The Life Of A Kid.j

Autumn Song 

Hardcover - ISBN# 9781732186224

Paperback - ISBN# 9781732186286

Winter Song

Hardcover - ISBN# 9781732186231

Paperback - ISBN# 9781732186293

Spring Song

Hardcover - ISBN# 9781732186200

Paperback - ISBN# 9781732186248

Summer Song

Hardcover - ISBN# 9781732186217

Paperback - ISBN# 9781732186279


Summer Song A Day In The Life Of A Kid.j
Spring Song A Day In The Life Of A Kid.j
Autumn Song A Day In The LIfe Of A Kid.j
Winter Song A Day In The LIfe Of A Kid.j

Spring Song (hardcover)


Autumn Song (hardcover) ISBN# 9781732186224

Winter Song (hardcover) ISBN# 9781732186231

Summer Song (hardcover)

ISBN# 978-1732186217


Little Reading Coach

Reading Specialist and Virtual Teacher

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"It's hard to get a child's attention. Author Anetta Kotowicz is taking a new approach to the issue in her new book Autumn Song by adding music, songs and a 4D app.







New York City, NY (PRUnderground) September 27th, 2018

It’s agreed children need to learn to love reading to reach their full and brightest potential. But how does a parent, family member or teacher, achieve this in an ever-more connected digital age? The good news is author Anetta Kotowicz, is tackling this problem head one with her exciting and innovative new series “Day in a Life of a Kid”, which just released its first interactive book “Autumn Song”. The concept behind the series is to help children develop natural and organic skills, like the patience and focus to question, explore, create hands-on crafts, incorporate not just reading, but also to bring in the whole family to bond together playing the “Autumn Song” related board game, listen to music, sing songs, and enjoy the 4D app for an added element of interest and excitement, for kids not used to paper books alone." Learn more by clicking:


Best review by children's book blogger

Tristan's Book Corner

   Excellent resource for pre-K to primary grade educators. The selection of gender neutral, rhyming stories that come to life in song recordings, audio compositions and games will inspire and enhance Orff-Schulwerk, and Dalcroze's Eurhythmics classes. Corresponding songs, even though arranged with a groovy/jazzy beat, are composed with developmental milestones in mind. Children enjoy lots of repetitive sounds, rhythm patterns, and ostinati and are motivated to move around in the classroom, fully focused on sounds.

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