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New adventure! This time readers will join our Kid and Ellie the Elephant, in a colorful dream - under the Big Top. 

Acrobats from all around the world imitate moves of cheering animals. Band of the musicians plays the joyful tune, full of rhythm and sounds. But suddenly, someone has a silly prank in mind for our child...
What will the animals do? What will Ellie do? How things will turn out for the not-so-kind friends? Is Circus going to be again Fun For Everyone?
What would you do?

Grab this beautifully illustrated book, along with the music for your movement activities, and act it out! 
Great conversation starter: cooperation, mindfulness, coping with the dreams, and fun performances for younger children. 2-3rd graders will dig deeper into the world animal protection, performing arts, and multicultural/multilanguage appreciation.
Don't forget to tell us what would you do, seeing someone in trouble. Would you be brave like Ellie the elephant? Share it #ArtsKindred

Circus is Fun for Everyone, mindful circ
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